Spinning Cyclone

Hey its a pinwheel

Aged Waterthing

Cooooooooool I wish I could think of a description.


Basic design with complex colors.

Hi Fokes

I like the colors.

Iterative logic

Repetition of math

Armed Sheet

I wonder if anyone will ever read this.

Orange Line

I need to be more creative with these subtitles.

Orange Points


Starlit Fractal

A basic design with fancy effects


Another cool fractal

Linear cliff

A fractal biased on linear triangles

The Orange is striking

it looks coolish.


Spinning awesomeness


It Kawesomeness 1.3.

Circle Spin

Le fractal

Geo Blue

One of my favorites.

Orange et Blu

Not my favorite but still cool.

Green Forest

Another flowful fractal

Neon flow

Flowing lines

Geekie Systems

Sooooo whatever

Mint Spin

I Likie.

Blan Blue

Sooo this is one more fractal.

Ink Drops

Reminds me of paper.

Starlit Night

Fractal are nature.

Light Rapids

Its flowing math


The strands of color shall change the world.

Paint Bomb

I currently use this as my wallpaper

Flying into the Sun

This is fractal is a memorial the the bright days of Sun, let the Sun rise again


Reminds me of space

Gamaified Math

Sooo long