Idk,why i called it that, but it looks coolish.

Sunlit Hall

I think its a mandelbox fractal, I made it some time ago so yeah.


The coolist part of this fractal is its resolution, this is a down sampled one but in full it is 12000x21333 and takes up 1GB, FULL RES.

Iron Beams

Formed with the immerse power of MATH.

Cobalt Rapids

Its a hybrid fractal!!!

Light and Darkness

The light shall win.

A sphere and a mandelbulb

A basic mandelbulb with a sphere primitive added.

The Tunnel

Im to lazy to create a description for this lovely fractal, if you so want a description make a pull request and ill accept it!

Cool pink metal thing

A basic design with fancy effects

Stretched Math

Another colorful fractal